Various mug shots taken of yours truly. They span over the many years I have been stuck on this mudball of insanity.

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Bringing the smarmy to 2017
Current mood after 7 months of unemployment
My friend Julie and little old me!
What a handsome bastard!
First day with the first new suit I have bought in 20 years. Sorta classy looking!
The new me, in the summer of 2015. 30 pounds lighter than the summer of 2015!
Ugly sweater or jacket day at Catalpa, December 2014
It was wear something red to work day.
Zip-lining with the Bestie!
Not too shabby!
Trying out the new iMac
Oh noooooo!
New fall wear. OK, not too bad!
Boo hoo!
Hmmmm, what am I thinking about?
The crazy Eramelinda Boquer. Love her to bits!
Love my Maggie and Anne! I see they got a grip on the situation!
That KHack, what a flirt!
Celebrating my 40th a year early?
Back in the days of RPM Promotions, circa 1979
That goof Terri and I at a Catalpa office party.
What a schmuck!
Lead photo for an article about yours truly for the Montreal Mirror Magazine
A little frosty out there!
Gotta love that shirt!
How bloody serious was I when I was a young lad?
1975 - 1976 Laval bus pass
1976 - 1977 Laval bus pass
Yes, I do have bad hair days!
Mug shots pre-crime lord days!
I wonder what I was hopped up on?
Another bad hair day photo from high school
Another thug portrait, sometime in 1976
Young thug, circa 1977, end of high school, early college!
Early 80s ad agency look
The makings of a great porn mustache!
Caricature done by a co-worker. Early 80s.
Horrible Sears portrait done for a GF back in the early 80s. Yeesh!
Hybrid photo/line art for a convention biography
One of my best friends Linda and I, back in late 90s
Getting silly at a car wash
At the 2015 Rodin exhibition in Montreal
Just hanging on my 40th birhtday.
I think it was cold in my studio that day!
I am up to something, i just know it!
Too serious!
Close shave!
My last day at Catalpa - bittersweet beer and smoked meat at Lesters!
Brrrrrr, it is fucking cold today!
Deep thoughts!