A quick behind the scenes on the making of a milk carton. Screen snaps taken during the production of the 2013 Lactantia PurFitlre packaging relaunch.

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1 - Start with basic dieline
2 - Add in production elements and typesafety area
3 - Add in no print zones
4 - Add in text and logo elements
5 - Add in unifying arch elements
6 - Add in spot colour illustration
7 - Examine spot colour element - PMS 2758
8 - Examine spot colour element - PMS 300
9 - Examine spot colour element - PMS Yellow
10 - Examine spot colour element - PMS 186
11 - Make sure all elements line up and are in proper location
12 - Check wireframe to remove any unwanted elements
13 - Final artwork ready to delivery to film house - printer