A few samples of some of the many promotions that I worked on for Jack Gutman and Associates between 1984 and 1999.

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Beefeater Martini Matters Campaign
Tia Maria and Beefeater Promo Campaigns
Ballantine & Drambuie- Bravo - Duetto Promo
DeKuyper DK Rules Promo
McGuiness Splash Promo
DeKuyper Alcool Promo
Meaghers & Hiram Walker Every Flavour Promo
Golf Des Ì‚les Promo
Merrck Frosst Entrophen Packaging Promo
Pfizer Reactine Promo
RCI - Renaissance Capital Corporate Image
Tropicana Packaging
Tropicana Tropics Packaging
Tropicana Blends Promo
Tropicana Tropics Promo
Ah Caramel Promo
Sure & Natural Prima Launch Promo
Selsun Shampoo Promo
Selsun Blue Shampoo Promo